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CardinalTalent is AI-enabled Recruiting and HR software that comes with millions of built-in candidate leads. The AI automatically matches these candidate leads and candidate leads your team uploads to your open jobs.


Dashboards for all of your Critical Recruiting & HR Business Requirements

Complete Recruiting and HR software that allows seamless transfer of data between different parts of the application.Time and attendance talks to payroll which talks to talent which talks to benefits which talks to your employee portal Automatically.

Scaling up and retaining your team is easier when you can leverage easy-to-use sophisticated AI-enabled candidate tracking and HR tools.

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Our experts provide personalized training, consulting, and custom programming to help your team — and technology — be more effective.

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Search and Identify High Quality Talent

Intelligently search across 100M+ diverse candidate profiles and identify hiring trends in the market for data-backed hiring plans that align with business objectives and goals.


candidate profiles


Cut in sourcing time


more qualified leads

Boost Engagement and Team Collaboration

Streamline engagement with automated scheduling and email campaigns and collaborate with team members to align communication and accelerate hiring


increase in response rate


candidate contact-finding rate


more hires per recruiter

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