Attract the top talent your
business needs

Recruitment marketing is more important than ever. Whether the competition for talent is high or you’re simply focused on finding candidates with the best cultural add, Recruitment Marketing is a strategy every modern talent team needs.

Source candidates aligned with your company’s vision

Effective recruitment marketing helps you align candidates with your company’s vision and build relationships with the top talent you need. Lever helps drive your recruitment marketing forward, so you outpace your competitors for the best talent.

Foster real relationships with candidates

Candidate nurturing takes recruiting to a whole new level. Show applicants a more personal side of your organization and help your team build real relationships with Lever’s Advanced Nurture. Personalize and automate communications as you build first-class, candidate-centric experiences at scale.

Tap into your entire talent pool

When a candidate isn’t the right fit for one role, they could be perfect for another. Lever helps recruiters grow a pool of top talent and makes it easier than ever to start or continue a conversation, drastically decreasing the time to hire great people.

Why customers love us

Amazing system and wonderful implementation team

The system is very intuitive and easy to use. We have some people on our team that are not comfortable with systems at all and even they are using it and enjoying it.

Game-changing ATS for corporate recruitment

We have used Leave for nearly 7 months,rolled out in countries across and globe, and trained hundreds of hiring managers to use the system for feedback and reviewing applications.

Great product That's improved our recruiting efforts

Lever has provided us with a centralized system to manage our talent acquisition efforts. some of the things we find most helpful are :- it is user-friendly.

The smartest way to recruit

Combining extensive analytics with the ability to reduce manual tasks, Lever helps talent teams do more in less time. Dashboards help recruiters understand how their strategy is progressing and automation makes it easier to spend time on what’s most important: hiring great people.

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