Rank, Track, and Discuss

Get organized on our robust applicant tracking system, purpose-built for growing businesses.

Optimize your recruiting process with applicant tracking.

Customize Your Process

Build custom workflows for each job opening to stay organized and focused.

Discuss Candidates Together

Keep your hiring team up to date with a real-time stream of the latest activities related to the candidate.

Eliminate Redundant Tasks

Keep your processes moving and your team focused by automatically assigning tasks.


Set up how you hire in a way that works for you.

CardinalTalent understands how your recruiting process should function and helps you put that plan into action.

Recruiting Workflows

Our recruiting workflows give you complete end to end customization of your recruiting process. Track the progression of your candidates through customizable recruiting stages, while reporting candidate progress to other team members.

Task Automation

Save time by triggering emails and assigning tasks between recruiting stages to automate mundane, repetitive tasks. We can help you take the busy work out of hiring new talent.


Easily capture feedback across the hiring team

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Recruiting Teams

Include key teammates in the recruiting process from the start, increasing your likelihood of making your next great hire. Our platform allows users to completely customize individual hiring teams on a per job basis.

Feedback Loops

Discuss candidates by sharing important feedback and notes with collaborators, simply by mentioning their name. All members of the recruiting team will receive the candidates feedback & can comment directly into the candidates profile.


Maintain an instant dialogue with all of your candidates

Store personalized message templates in JazzHR and reuse them so you can quickly communicate with candidates.

Email Sync

Sync your inbox with JazzHR to receive and reply to urgent recruiting messaging without having to log into your account. Manage all your emails to candidates directly through your inbox, while we simultaneously store your messages in our intuitive platform.

Auto-send Emails

Choose when candidates will receive pre-drafted email responses as they proceed through the candidate funnel. Our platform will send these templates to your determined recipients, saving you time on your candidate communications.

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